Main Issues: Flooding and Erosion, Hazardous Development, Contaminated Land, Carbon Neutrality in New Developments, Developer Contributions

Hopefully last but one lap - comments by 20/1/10 appreciated.

Flooding and Erosion : Stronger policy for both coastal and watercourse threats.  1:200 years limit for residential, commercial and key infrastructure.   5m and 10m countours considered for Flood.  Impact of hardened surfaces on flooding elsewhere considered.

Hazardous Development: talks about pollution, flooding, nuisance and hazard - restricting such new sources and development sround existing sources.
Contaminated Land: Talks about assessement and remediation.
Carbon Neutrality in New Developments: 30% below 2007 standards increasing to 60% by 2012, 90% by 2014 and 100% by 2016.  Lots of additional information re definitions and methods to achieve..  Off site permissible for Conservation Areas etc.

Developer Contributions: Appendix will include details of specific contributions required against major sites.    Individual sets talking about Access, Water and Drainage (cf SUDS), Waste Management.

Often pretty technical stuff but useful to be specific about Access (maintenance of such can be an issue), water but I can;t see anything that will help us ensure maintenance of SUDS schemes.  It'll be interesting to see how Carbon Neutrality pans out!

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