We have had a long period of very bad weather and it is set to continue for another week at least.  Aberdeenshire Council has quite rightly concentrated resources on keeping the main routes clear and gritted.  After all, there is little point in being able to get out of your street/side road if the main routes are blocked.  So can we please say a big thank you to the staff who have been working long hours to keep routes open - and re-open blocked roads.

And can I also thank drivers for being sensible and the police for ordering road closures when necessary.  In contrast to stories from England of motorists getting stuck and abandoning cars, drivers have been pretty sensible and this helps keep the roads clear (imagine driving an HGV plough/gritter through a chicane of abandoned cars).

Council workers have also been trying to keep pavements clear - and as with roads this has been a uphill battle.  Most people have realised that the council workers are doing their best.  But with this amount of snow, a little bit of help from frontagers would be appreciated.  Please try to break up hard packed snow/ice and put sand, ashes, salt, - even cat litter - on it to give a little grip and help break up the surface further.

And finally, please do look out for each other.  If you can pick up a few things for the shops for your neighbour, then that is a nice thing to do and may save an unpleasant trip out.  If your neighbour is struggling with getting out in these conditions, you could be a life saver.

Useful numbers:
Elderly or vulnerable and afraid to turn your heating up during this cold spell? Call the Home Heat Helpline for advice 0800 33 66 99
For help in reducing future bills call Energy Saving Trust on 0800 512 012

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