Ocean Lab 2

Congratulations to Aberdeen University on the offical opening of Ocean Lab 2 at Newburgh. 

I attended the opening this morning and benefited from a guided tour.  Thanks to Daniel for an explanation of some of the strands of work underway and Alan for a tour of the technologies.  (And apologies to both for forgetting their surnames - please take this as an expression of friendliness)

Some of the facilities are used by the north sea industry for testing.  A vessel capable on simulating the pressures 7km deep in the ocean, mean of testing the types of sudden drop in termperatures from the tropics to the deep sea and a serious vibration plate are available for commercial use - and the business sdie of the oepration subsidises the research that covers a wide range of issues. 

And the new building is lovely - graound source heating and what must be the best view from a workplace coffee room anywhere.

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