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Camilla Klemme is a final undergraduate at Edinburgh University studying Geography. She is doing a thesis on: How Sustainable is Sustainable Development in the case of Ellon?

She will be asking the councillors and the community council for their views but I offered to see if anyone else wanted to comment via this blog and she is delighted at the idea.    If you'd like to comment, please copy the questions below into an email and email your responses back to Camilla at (not to me!).  You only need answer questions you are comfortable with - just leave any question you don't want to answer blank.

To Camilla,

and How long you have lived in Ellon?  

Sustainable Development –

KEY QUESTION: What is your understanding of sustainable development/sustainable community development?

2 Are you a strong supporter of Sustainable Development?

3 Do you think the sustainable urbanism project of Ellon is sustainable?

Achieving Sustainable Community Development/Community involvement –

Housing –
Do you feel there is a need for more mixed/affordable housing in Ellon?

Aims of the Princes Foundation for the Built Environment (PFBE) – Ellon:

  • Do you feel it has made a positive change in the design and planning?

  • That the architecture is sensitive to traditions and history of Ellon?

  • That it will increase the quality of life of the residents?

  • That a sense of place is created?

KEY QUESTION: The PFBE has been accused of being a private lobbying firm/ not being a responsible charity…what are you views on this?

Aims of Scotia/SCD –

3 areas –

  • Cromleybank, south of the River Ythan – to include a new high street and several other key amenities that are needed for village life.

  • The Town Centre – small re-workings of the existing town centre to create better connections, more parking facilities and improved services.

  • Castleton and the Castle Gardens – the focus of this development aims to create a continuous link between the north of Ellon and the town centre, seamlessly blending into the existing character and fabric of the town. Revenue from this development will allow the beautiful hidden Castle Gardens, right in the heart of Ellon, to be re-opened to the public, creating a magnificent attraction right in the centre of town.

Castleton – Aims:

1 Walkable communities
2 Connected spaces (rid cul-de-sac)
3 Public places
3 Mixing it up (housing)
4 Visual variety (housing)
5 Local first (traditional development)

3 Sustianbale Community Development (what does it involve) –

Do you believe this will –

1 Meets the needs of all existing and future resources for Ellon?

2 Contributes to a higher quality of life?

3 Offers appropriate ladders of opportunity for households advancement, either locally or through external connection?)
4 Limits adverse external effects on the environment, society and economy?

Against Sustainable Development:

KEY QUESTION: Wildlife is being destroyed…. Is it then fair to say that this is sustainable development? What are your views?

2 Do you feel you will use your car less/walk or bicycle more?
3 Do you fell that new housing development will just increase the population and car use/increase Ellon’s use as being a commuter village?

Community Engagement?

KEY QUESTION: Has the sustainable community development of Ellon involved an integrated approach of community participation, partnership and engagement with urban professionals?

2 Do you believe that the Enquiry by Design process (of Scotia homes and PFBE) has sufficiently and successfully involved and integrated the views and ideas of the community of Ellon?

3 Do you feel you that you have had adequate power in the planning and development process of Ellon? That conflicts of interest have been identified discussed and changed?
4 Do you think the open workshops/public forums/engagement process has been a success?

5 Do you feel that the developers have put the community first in the decision making process?

KEY QUESTION: Do you believe that the new community of Ellon will be welcomed by the old community?

Press/Alliance for lobbying transparency –

KEY QUESTION: They have slated sustainable community development as a form of ‘greenwashing/green bling’…that it is just a dusted down scheme to enable more property development… do you have anything to say about this?

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